Yellow Leschenaultia

The Art of Listening

(Leschenaultia formosus)
Positive Qualities – Key Words:
enthusiasm, resolve, responsible, desire, holistic
Problem Target – Key Words:
uninspired, lethargic, frustrated, rebellious, divided
Yellow Leschenaultia

Healing Nature

The essence of stimulating open-mindedness which then receives knowledge and concepts from others. To calm the mind, dispelling the illusion that we hear even when we do not listen. To become more capable of listening and learning wisdom.

Spiritual Qualities

The more we gain wisdom the more we recognise how open we must be to become wise. The mind is always looking for a concept, like a ledge, to clamber up on to and rest, saying “now I know”. It is imperative to be aware there is always more to know and this knowledge and understanding comes from a myriad of sources. From the simplest Soul we can learn great Truths.

Mental/Emotional Health

Oral Dosage of Flower Essences (for mental/emotional wellbeing)
Information on prescribing and preparing oral doses.

  • For those who do not listen properly, either uninterested in what is being said due to intellectual arrogance or being unable to open the mind enough to process the opinions of others.
  • For those who dismiss out of hand the thoughts of others.
  • For those who find it hard to understand what another person is meaning when they speak to them. They often miss the whole point of what is being communicated.
  • For those who have problems taking in information and remembering it.
  • For those who have problems remembering what they study.
  • For those who don’t want to hear the ideas of others, for them it is a waste of time.
  • The “know it all”.
  • For the person with “tunnel vision”.

Topical Applications of Flower Essences (for mental/emotional wellbeing)
Information on prescribing and applying essences topically.
Convinced about the correctness of one’s ideas or knowledge. Feeling correct about one’s conceptualisation of the trend things should take or the way things should be.
Lung acu-point on the ear.
Not wanting to listen or accommodate another’s ideas.
Internal Ear acu-point on the ear.

Flower Essence Affirmation

I am the gardener of my Life appreciating and tending to all. Every part of my life is watered from the springs of my Soul.

The Healing

brings a renewed appraisal of openness and tolerance. Sensitivity is enhanced and an appreciation of the thoughts and concepts of other people is developed. In learning not to assume that one does know, full expansion of consciousness is possible. Relationships with others automatically improve.