Making Essences

General preparation of essences from working stock concentrates

After assessing which flowers are needed, they are put into a dropper bottle with one of the following preserving liquids as a base; brandy, vodka, cider vinegar, malt vinegar, or vegetable glycerin. Brandy can be diluted by quarter or half with spring water (or a pure water source). Essences can also be mixed into pure water only, however they must be kept refrigerated and full potency will only last a few days.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Put a small amount of the preserving liquid into the bottle (one that has a dropper).
  2. Of the flowers selected put six drops of each essence into the bottle, and fill to the 30ml mark with the preserving liquid.
    (If you are using a different size bottle then proportionally adjust the amount of essences used).
  3. Succuss the mixture. This means to put the top on securely and pound the base of the bottle on your palm for ten seconds. This is a method of integrating the preserving medium with the subtle flower essences properties.

The mixture is now ready to be taken.

Taking the dosage

There are two methods of taking the oral dose.

  1. The flower essence can be taken, one drop under the tongue six times over the day
  2. The flower essence can be taken six drops in a half glass of water, morning and late afternoon/evening.

The oral dose (in a 30ml bottle) will last between four to six weeks. At the end of this period the person can assess how deeply the healing has gone within, and whether it will be continued for another four to six weeks to ensure completion.

Advanced method of preparation

How Many Drops Make an Oral Dose?

The wildflower essences work between the higher aspects of the mind and the fundamental aspects of the body. With oral dosing the amount of the flower essences used can be adjusted to the level of activity upon which the mind state is most obviously manifesting. This can enhance the rate of response. The more essence used, the denser the level of activity, i.e. the more physical, and the less essence used, the more subtle the level. As a general guide, 80 drops per 30ml is a maximum (physical level) and 4 drops per 30ml the minimum (mind and finer levels). Between these levels is a sliding scale within which an estimation of where the mind state is impacting is made, and from this, therefore, how much essence will be needed in making up an oral dose.

The following is an example.

Person A:
Problem /situation; very bad acne, self conscious about the way he or she looks.
Wildflower Essence diagnosed; Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid – dosage level 80 drops.

Person B:
Problem/situation: very shy, blushes easily, can’t look others in the eye. Wildflower Essence diagnosed; Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid – dosage level 40 drops.

Person C:
Problem/situation; finds it difficult to talk to groups of people, is unnerved, wondering if others are liking or accepting them.
Wildflower Essence diagnosed; Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid – dosage level 20 drops.

Person D:
Problem/situation; wants to be able to maintain their own mind state and humour wherever they are and whoever they are with.
Wildflower Essence diagnosed; Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid – dosage level 10 drops.

Person E:
Problem/situation; wishes to be able to be highly intuitive of people and Life, yet maintain internal integrity and peace.
Wildflower Essence diagnosed; Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid – dosage level 4 drops.

The example describes some general degrees in impact from the physical to the subtle mind. Ascertaining which level to work with, is made for each flower essence individually. This means that if there are five or more essences chosen or prescribed then each one is evaluated as to the area/level of impact which it will address.

The most relevant aspect is to remember that the more precise one is with choosing the level of activity, and matching the flower essences dosage, the more the healing is enhanced and expedited.

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