Leaders in Mind-Body Medicine Education

While our curriculum covers the foundations of health for the practice of all complementary health; like anatomy & physiology, counselling and nutrition, students tell us they love the LiFE Academy’s unique learning modules that provide cutting-edge therapy technique plus the diagnostic tools to understand the needs of the modern day person seeking help for their well-being.

When you study at the LiFE Academy you will be kept abreast of the latest scientific research on health and well-being, especially the mind-body connection. That research reveals that: stress, depression, low energy, low levels of happiness, poor diet…, significantly contribute to physical health problems but also negatively impact on emotional/mental well-being.

People often find themselves trapped in our modern day life-cycle saying; I have no energy, I don’t have enough time for myself, I feel stressed, I am not happy…. So many people are looking for an effective, natural healing pathway to help them live a more meaningful, happy, healthy and productive life.

Do you want a professional qualification that will equip you to deal with many of the underlying causes of poor health or well-being created by our modern day lifestyle? Then check out the LiFE Academy of Australia.


Unique Training for Mental Health

Notes from a Therapist - Video 1