Pink Impatiens

The Courage of the Lone Traveller

(Impatiens sp.)
Positive Qualities – Key Words:
courage, prevail, inner strength, determination
Problem Target – Key Words:
compromised, overwhelmed, opposition, struggle
Pink Impatiens

Healing Nature

The essence for courageously standing by convictions of the heart. To be able to take the road you know is right, regardless of how others view your choices, maintaining the fight for one’s morality amidst opposition. The inner strength to prevail without compromise even when the struggle seems long and potentially overwhelming.

Spiritual Qualities

One of the ways that our inner realisations are brought out into the world is through the tests of compromise. Not to be rigid and unyielding in one sense, yet hold to the Truth we know inside, is a very conscious choice. When we feel our inner ideals are unsupported a slow erosion of these inner morals and wisdom can occur, and if it goes far enough we can lose sight of all the things which make Life beautiful. To nurture and feed the inner jewels of our highest ideals gives us the strength to go it alone, if necessary, fully satisfied by the beauty of the Path we take.

Mental/Emotional Health

Oral Dosage of Flower Essences (for mental/emotional wellbeing)
Information on prescribing and preparing oral doses.

  • For the idealist who no longer stands up for their previously held ideals or standards due to lack of support.
  • For the person who has suffered when trying to live by their heartfelt convictions. Because of their personal standards they are forced to bear extra burdens and face greater struggle. When the sacrifice seems too great they start compromising their standards and lose determination.
  • For those who wish to be resilient in the face of opposition, when they feel like the “odd one out”.

Flower Essence Affirmation

The Truths I know so dearly are woven into my being. They are part of me. They are my heart, my voice and as I make my way in company or alone my song rings out.

The Healing

brings the strength, creativity and courage to conquer this negative scenario, and the desire to retain working ideals and standards, no matter what obstacles arise.

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