Fringed Mantis Orchid

Choosing Benevolence

(Caladenia falcata)
Positive Qualities – Key Words:
benevolence, good intentions, conscience, straight forward
Problem Target – Key Words:
interfering, nosey, gossiping, deceptive, control
Fringed Mantis Orchid

Healing Nature

For the mind to embrace benevolence and good intentions. This flower essence frees the conscience which then naturally brings the mind back to balanced, healthy pursuits. For those who find themselves caught in unhealthy curiosity about the affairs of others, who feel powerful with personal information and can’t resist using it for their own ends.

Spiritual Qualities

As we all are within the mind of the Creator, there is nothing we can do that is not witnessed. However smart a person may think they are, they will painfully find out about their illusion as the rest of Life responds naturally and inexorably to their deeds.

Mental/Emotional Health

Oral Dosage of Flower Essences (for mental/emotional wellbeing)
Information on prescribing and preparing oral doses.

  • The flower essence for those focused on petty things about others and cause damage by loose talk. They like the control they have when privy to personal information. This makes such people very unpopular and causes complicated emotional situations. In extreme cases they are very smug and feel superior because they can be the cause of such havoc through having such control over people’s lives. Often these people come for healing because of rejection or hatred from others, be it in the school yard or the boardroom.
  • For those who enjoy controlling others, manipulating behind the scenes.

Flower Essence Affirmation

I see where I have gone wrong. The mind should always be an instrument bringing honesty. This I can do now that I realise my mistake.

The Healing

Brings a realisation that control of other people is unhealthy and distasteful. A feeling then predominates that these types of pursuits are totally wrong and they bring their conscience into play, and pay attention to the more beautiful, straight forward and honest approach to relationships.