Pink Everlasting

Pink Everlasting Flower Essences

Pink Everlasting

(Helipterum roseum)

The Springs of
Eternal Sustenance

Healing Nature

The essence of replenishment, of sustaining care, filling one’s heart with inspiration. To restore the milk of human kindness to the hearts of those whose caring has run out because it was relying on the emotional response. This essence gets one in touch with the higher and richer internal source, beyond personal limitations of energy. Giving from the limitless inner being enriches oneself and others.

Spiritual Qualities

When caring and giving we should always ask ourselves, “how much of my motivation to do this comes from the fact that it makes me feel good?” If the buzz we get out of the giving is getting a result, or people’s appreciation, or praise, or their emotional responses, then the giving is conditional and will have a limitation. One day, when faced with someone’s cares and woes, the impact will not be the same and one day concern may disappear altogether. For a benevolent person this is a distressing turn of events. They know it is not right. Giving from the inner Self without any thought of any pay-back is the only way to give out and not burn out.

Positive Qualities – Key Words:

sustaining, responsive, replenishing
empty, dry, unfulfilled, burnt out


The well within is overflowing many come to drink. The spring refreshes and the travellers go on their way. The spring of my Soul replenishes itself distributing happiness.

Mental/Emotional Health

Oral Dosage of Flower Essences (for mental/emotional wellbeing)
Information on prescribing and preparing oral doses.

  • For those who feel burnt out from handling other people’s problems, they find they distance themselves, and avoid closeness.
  • For people who feel dry inside, empty and unable to give out.
  • For those who find their intellect can conceive of a person’s problem but there is no feeling of compassion arising.
  • For those who develop relationships purely on the basis of their own needs. They don’t consider the other person’s needs, but are focused on how good the relationship will be for them. When their needs are no longer being met they feel dry and empty inside because they have failed to draw on the deep side of their Love nature which would also satisfy the deep needs of their partner. The relationship would then be mutually nurtured and sustained.

This flower essence is available to purchase online by clicking on this link.


brings a new depth to interactions with others, a way of being in touch with the core of a person from the core of one’s own being, in other words a sensitivity without excessive emotional drain. The quality of giving then rises to a level which is totally sustainable, drawn from the deep well of one’s Love nature.

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