Our Philosophy

We know that the students who come and study at our academy make a commitment of time and money and we in turn take seriously our commitment to them in enabling them to become the type of practitioner who truly understands the needs of their clients and whose proficiency is worthy of the trust their clients will give them.

Our lecturers have decades of experience treating people in clinics and communities. They ensure that all the knowledge and skills accumulated through written and practical work are valuable foundations upon which their practice can flourish. Deep insights are presented in the methodology of natural health as well as a grounding in modern medical science. Students hone their skills in the later stages of the course through giving consultations to people from all walks of life in a real clinic. By this system the Academy has produced confident and highly-skilled practitioners who have improved the quality of life of hundreds of people in Australia.

Another important consideration for students is their role in society as a natural health practitioner. There can appear to be a divide between the medical professional and the natural health practitioner and this does not benefit those in need of help to attain health and wellbeing. 

The fact is the medical professional and the natural health practitioner play two pivotal albeit different roles in society for those needing better health outcomes.  For example stress and poor diet are two major causes of ill health in society today. The medical profession will use drugs and or surgery to treat diseases caused by stress and an unhealthy diet. The natural health practitioner will give their clients therapy to reduce stress and strategies to deal with life in a way that minimises stress outcomes and coach them to eat healthily before a disease like diabetes or heart problems caused by stress and unhealthy diet become acute.

When disease manifest in an acute way then medical intervention is often a lifesaver but if the root cause of the problem (stress and/or diet) is not addressed then the real value of the medical intervention is compromised and the odds of the disease returning increased.

We believe society can only benefit from the coming together of these two methodologies to address the health and well-being problems of this modern world.

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