Mauve Melaleuca

The Source of Love Eternal

(Melaleuca thymifolia)
Positive Qualities – Key Words:
contentment, idealism, inner constant Love
Problem Target – Key Words:
hurt, anger, disappointed, needy, frustrated
Mauve Melaleuca

Healing Nature

The essence of the eternal Springs of Love. To inspire the realisation that Love lies within and is important. To know Love is eternally with us and sometimes we taste it in the external world. For healing those who are holding in sadness and great hurt, this is the essence of finding higher Love.

Spiritual Qualities

The constantly changing scenery of Life and the ups and downs of people’s desires, makes it painful for anyone who pins all their hopes of Love on other people. The knowledge of the Soul that Love is continually being rained down upon every one, a ceaseless flow of bliss for every individual being, is the reality to tap in to. All worldly Love then comes as a bonus.

Mental/Emotional Health

Oral Dosage of Flower Essences (for mental/emotional wellbeing)
Information on prescribing and preparing oral doses.

  • For those who have given Love and have not received the same. This can be a child without tenderness from a parent, a parent without tenderness from a child or a lover without tenderness from a partner. The person to whom affections have been given may not be capable of returning such Love and this the hurt giver finds hard to accept. They keep trying to get their needs met through the one person, or one type of person. They get sad, angry, frustrated, and even spiteful for they can’t see why the person doesn’t respond in kind. The depths of love these people long for are more surely found within the depths of themselves, where it can never leave them, or with a person who can truly appreciate their gifts.

Physical Health

Oral Dosage of Flower Essences (for physical wellbeing)
Information on prescribing and preparing oral doses.
Use with Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid for sensitive skin.

Flower Essence Affirmation

Each moment I am loved. I am a lovable being in a loving Universe. I am full from the feast, so deeply satisfied.

The Healing

brings these people in touch with the deep core of their inner being where Love always resides. They are then more Self assured and Self contained, and feelings of hurt can heal.