Become a qualified practitioner

The accredited Certificate IV in Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Medicine has been designed, refined and successfully taught for the past twenty years to produce multi-skilled therapists with a high level of self development. The course embodies human health modalities from Indigenous, Eastern and Western sources to present a modern holistic framework through which a therapist can offer the widest range of options for those who seek their services. The course harmoniously combines bodies of knowledge such as psychology, nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, quantum physics, indigenous metaphysics, yoga and qi kung, (all usually seen as describing different universes), within a practical and dynamic therapeutic structure. Through hands-on learning at every stage the student continually builds on their individual qualities and proficiency as a therapist.

Mind-Body Medicines are also presented as a practical tool in the course. The Mind-Body Medicine of Flower Essence Therapy has been chosen to be studied in depth as an area of specialisation throughout the course due to its ancient to modern knowledge base, safety in application and ease of use. Other Mind-Body Medicines such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine, are offered as electives.

Government Accredited Course

Our courses lead to a professional qualification as a Holistic Counsellor and Natural Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner.

Qualification offered (AUS study approved)

At the LiFE Academy we are committed to fostering the quality and professionalism of all our graduates. Our qualifications are government accredited and nationally recognised. Our students can pursue a professional career with the knowledge that they are studying at a most practical and high level. Our graduates are in demand because of their unique skills and ability to truly help other people cope with life. You’ll find our graduates working in hospitals, aged facilities, palliative care, medical clinics, health clinics and in private practice.

The qualifications we offer are ideal for:

  • The natural therapist who is seeking to understand more deeply the impact of the mind on their client’s physical health and seeking holistic counselling strategies and natural mind-body medicines to enhance their skills.
  • The psychologist or counsellor who wishes to explore unique natural techniques for enhancing their client’s mental wellness.
  • Anyone wanting tools to increase the quality of their life and relationships, both in understanding themselves and others and being able to deal with stress, pain and energy loss with natural mind-body medicines.

LiFE’s down to earth holistic psychology

LiFE Academy qualifications give students the practical tools required for being a competent practitioner. For instance, in the module “Psychology of Self” the student gains great insight into human motivation and the different parts of the human psyche that control human behaviour.

People tend to think of themselves as a mono entity, in other words they tend to look at their behaviour in overall terms rather than identify the parts of themselves (we call personas) that motivate and control different aspects of their behaviour.

For example: a woman who is dominated by their Mother Persona, is going to behave differently than when dominated by her Feminine Lover Persona. The nature of these two personas and their life focus is totally different, so too are their priorities, talents and abilities, what causes them stress and what gives them a happiness.

When one persona dominates at the expense of another it can create problems. If the Feminine Lover Persona dominated a mother at the expense of her Mother Persona then it may create a situation where the amount of money she spends on clothes and the time she takes socialising comes at the expense of meeting her children’s physical and emotional needs.

On the other hand if her Mother Persona dominated at the expense of her Feminine Lover Persona then she may neglect her physical appearance and feel inadequate in social situations, deriving little happiness from being playful and sexually active with her partner.

Such dilemmas are often stress generating and create inner conflict. Even when an individual is dominated by one Persona the voice of another Persona can be disturbing. In the case of the woman whose Lover Persona dominates, the voice of her Mother Persona reminding her about the circumstances of her neglected children is stress creating.

The ability to break the allure of a dominating persona and holistically integrate the activity of all personas is healing and empowering. So too is strengthening one’s weaker personas and healing those that are damaged/traumatised. People’s wellness is often impaired because they live from the perspective of only one or two personas and thereby restrict their avenues for finding happiness. They also limit their ability to deal with life’s challenges because they are unable to activate the latent talents and abilities contained within their dormant personas.