10561NAT Certificate IV in Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Medicine


LiFE Academy qualifications give students the practical tools required to become a competent complementary therapies practitioner. For instance, in the subject “Psychology of Self” the student gains great insight into human motivation and the different parts of the human psyche that control human behaviour and impact health and well-being.

The Certificate IV in Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Medicine is a qualification that leads to employment in both private and group practice as a holistic counselling and mind-body medicine practitioner/therapist at a foundational level, as well as working as community education / health strategies adviser in the areas of foundational health and lifestyle promotion and strategies for prevention of physical and mental ill health, including areas of focus for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Certificate IV graduates have broad factual, technical and theoretical knowledge of human health processes as well as the specific therapeutic skills such as providing flower essence therapy.

The duration of the course is one year of full time training. Pay only for the subjects you enrol in. If your study plans change, you only pay for the subjects you have commenced and not the whole course.

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Course outline – 1 year full time study

Subjects of study

Pathways for Mental Wellbeing

The course starts by defining the holistic perspective incorporating Western, Eastern and Indigenous sciences in the planetary knowledge-bank and health outcomes of the present day state of human health. The continuing health crisis, equalled by increasing medical interventions in both physical and mental health, begs the question; What is driving all these health outcomes and can anything be done? In this subject Happiness is studied as both motivation and energy source. Why do genuinely happy people have more energy and better physical and mental health outcomes? Why aren’t these people likely to suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or become addicted to legal or illegal drugs? To answer such questions the Happiness Diary and Archetypal behaviours are studied as therapeutic assessment tools, revealing how happiness goals as a parent, a lover, son, daughter, colleague or individual seeking self-development motivate the behaviours behind the health statistics.

Mind–Body Medicine

This subject presents the Mind-Body Medicine of Flower Essence Therapy and Colour (Chroma) Therapy through the therapeutic qualities of 88 flowers. Flower Essence Therapy’s oldest known tradition is the South West Australian Aboriginal Bibulmun tradition which goes back to the global ice age (of 10 to 15 thousand years ago) and there are other historical and modern traditions in other lands. Each flower property epitomises a positive response to a common difficulty and enables analysis of the role attitudes play in creating both patterns of behaviour and an individual’s everyday realities. The 88 scenarios also offer a platform to discuss the common, personal mind/physical problems as they are presented in the clinical situation as well as the difficulties arising when a person is communicating such problems to the therapist. Also included in this section are Mind-Body Medicines used on Traditional Chinese acu points for common problems such as stress, pain, energy loss, nausea fainting and sleeplessness caused by worry.

Holistic Therapeutics

A number of dynamic assessment tools are presented in this subject, which penetrate beneath the conscious mind to the subconscious patterning beneath. In this subconscious layer of mind lie the impression of events on the individual consciousness and attitudes towards the event and any future similar events. These Survival and Wisdom Concepts are revealed by using this subject’s assessments techniques along with the opportunities for healing and growth through the application of Mind-Body Medicines. The holistic counselling aspect helps in identifying health and well being goals and which states of mind can enhance or hinder attaining these goals. Baths, sprays and oral doses of Flower Essence Therapy are presented along with meditations to enhance therapy in between counselling sessions and the therapist’s own personal development.

Life Nutrition 1

The study of human physical nutrition and its inseparability from the whole human experience, is essential to support our physical existence and promote physical well being. The forces and laws of the universe, the planetary ecology, the apple, the tree, the sun, the water, the soil, the life and society enabling access to the apple, to afford the apple, to know it is good for one to eat it, to have a mental state of wanting to look after oneself, to have a goal that includes the needs of the physical body, to understand why one would choose a sugar sweet or cake over an apple—all these aspects are interrelated. A human being is as complex as the universe from which it sprang, to unravel any of its mysteries we must be prepared to look at the great panorama as symbolised by three levels at which all human experience can be measured, the physical, the mind level and the spiritual.

Student Clinic

Clinical practice offers the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the skills and the knowledge gained from units of study at the LiFE Academy in a live setting under supervision from Academy staff selected from therapists whose practice has an excellent reputation in the community. Many students comment that their most valued learning experiences came from their training in the clinic. Students learn to collaborate with each other and with their clinic supervisor. The supervisor is there to assess your skills and knowledge and to mentor and support you. They will encourage high standards of professionalism and help you develop appropriate clinical skills so graduates feel confident and competent in their practice.

Counselling 1 & 2

These counselling are presented as an introduction to general counselling, addressing the needs of students studying with the LiFE Academy for qualifications in Certificate IV in Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Medicine. The subjects develop the learner’s ability to communicate with, and effectively counsel their clients in, the conventional approach. It involves the development of verbal and nonverbal communication, crisis management and conflict resolution. Students are able to understand questioning techniques which will be used during patient consultation. The counselling aspect focusses on the basic origin and effects of emotions, along with the stimulus of behaviour and the basic aspects of personality. The building blocks of this subject are based on Carl Roger’s Client Centred Therapy. Client Centred Therapy is based on a sound ethics and deals with the client’s unique problems, feelings, and attitudes.

Anatomy and Physiology 1

The anatomy and physiology subjects are designed to take students who have no prior knowledge of the human body through to a competent level of understanding. Extensive study is carried out on all of the body systems, including structure and function.

Law and Ethics

A course focussed on Natural therapists, Australian law and how to run and manage a professional practice.

Provide First Aid

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to a casualty. The unit applies to all workers who may be required to provide a first aid response in a range of situations, including community and workplace settings.

Units of Competency

MBMWWF401A Work within an holistic counselling and mind-body medicine framework

This unit of competency describes the knowledge and skills required to conduct work within the guiding principles and methods of the modality of holistic counselling and mind-body medicine, which combines mind-body science and traditional concepts of health.

MBMCOC401A Conduct an holistic counselling and mind-body medicine consultation

This unit covers the knowledge and skills required to conduct a holistic counselling and mind-body medicine health and well-being consultation.

MBMPFE401A Provide basic flower essence therapy

This unit of competency describes the knowledge and skills to provide a foundational level of flower essence therapy assessments and treatments.

HLTAID003 Provide first aid

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to a casualty. The unit applies to all workers who may be required to provide a first aid response in a range of situations, including community and workplace settings.

CHCCOM006 - Establish and manage client relationships

This unit describes the skills and knowledge to establish and manage professional one-to-one relationships with clients in the context of providing an ongoing health service or intervention.

CHCPRP005 - Engage with health professionals and the health system

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to work within the health care system and engage effectively with other health professionals, including writing referral reports.

CHCCSL001 - Establish and confirm the counselling relationship

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to use a structured approach to counselling to determine, establish and confirm the nature of the counsellor client relationship according to the agency s counselling model.

CHCCSL003 - Facilitate the counselling relationship and process

This unit describes the skills and knowledge to support clients to identify and work though concerns, and to manage the overall counselling process to its conclusion.

HLTAAP002 - Confirm physical health status

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to obtain and interpret information about client health status and to check a client s physical health. It requires a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

CHCDIV001 - Work with diverse people

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to work respectfully with people from diverse social and cultural groups and situations, including Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

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