Psychology of Self


Ever wondered why?

  • Your loved ones can be so changeable?
  • You react to situations even when you don’t want to?
  • What makes you happy from one day changes to the next
  • Relationships can be so stressful?

Discover in this 8 week module the happiness incentives that drive us, our loved ones and work mates and solve the puzzle of human relationships, both conflict and attraction.

Participants will add 3 new skills to their well being tool box in each class for increasing the quality of their life and health.

Lecturer Kadambii Barnao
Date: 8 Saturday sessions June 6, 13, 20, 27 & July 4, Break July 18, 25, Aug 1
Time: 2.30pm – 5.00 pm
Venue: LiFE Academy, Sanori Medical and Sports Centre, 126 Grand Boulevard, Joondalup
Cost: $430 for series of 8 sessions. Ask about our affordable payment plans.  (Note: This 2014 fee structure applies to Earlybird Enrolments received by Friday 20 February 2015).

Included Resources

  • Access to recorded online classes, enabling participants to study this module at times suitable to work, family and lifestyle commitments
  • Psychology of the Self module booklet.

Psychology of Self – Session Outlines

Session One  – The Happiness Drive 
Introduction to archetypal/persona behaviours as seen throughout history and the first archetypal pair – the Nurturer and the Leader. Workshopping the Nurturer for parent-child, love-life partners, friends and work mates.  Three techniques to decrease stress and enhance understanding.

Session Two – Balance of Nurturing and Leading 
Work shopping the Leader archetypal/persona within the family, communities and the workplace. Understanding the conflict and complementary roles between this persona and the Nurturer; examples – Mother vs Father, Boss vs Personnel Liaison. Three techniques to become inspirational; both for yourself and others.

Session Three – Love Me Do
Exploring and workshopping the Masculine and Feminine Lover persona behaviours. Healing conflicting and complementary modes of interaction – healing and empowering your strengths and smarts. Three techniques for a more fulfilling and less stressful love-life.

Session Four – The Adaptive and Abstract Thinker 
Exploration of short and long term strategy skills through the Adaptive and Abstract Thinker Archetypes. Work shopping these archetypes and the interaction with the other archetypes with family, friends and work mates. Three techniques to improve short and long term strategies.

Session Five – The External and Internal Manager 
Exploration of time and resource management through the External Manager persona and optimising individual potential and rights through the Internal Manager persona. Work shopping these archetypes and the interaction with the other archetypes with family, friends and work mates. Three techniques to improve willpower and personal empowerment.

Session Six – Interplay of Forces 
This class puts it all together as we explore the vast array of actions and reactions at play in our home, social and work-life. Finally there is the Archetype Party where class members eat, drink and share their favourite archetype by bringing an object that symbolises what brings them happiness in one area of their life.

Session Seven – Archetypal Assessments 
Class participants will workshop archetypal assessments from the 8 base archetypes studied in the module to enable a fluent understanding of the spoken and body language, dreams and challenges of a person’s dominant archetypes.

Session Eight – Plan of Action 
Class participants choose an area they would like to develop, up-skill or heal and make their own strategies to achieve goals utilising skills taught in the module to make a life map of signposts and pathways to the changes.

*Note this module is part of the Certificate IV and the Advanced Diploma qualifications.

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